Trunk Show - What You Need to Know

He popped the question; you said yes!

Like most excited brides, you jumped into the research stage of the most personal aspect of wedding planning - dress shopping. As you've perused websites, you may have noticed that some boutiques are having "Trunk Shows". But what exactly is a trunk show?

This is a question we are familiar with - and we're glad you asked!

A trunk show is a special event held for a limited number of days, featuring a specific designer's entire selected collection. The reason it is unique is because most stores choose 5-10 dresses from a 20-25 dress collection to carry in their store, so a trunk show first and foremost gives you an opportunity to see all the dresses from that specific collection!

It is very important to do your research before booking a Trunk Show appointment. Since the dresses are in shop for a limited time, you'll want to have tried on other gowns in case you find "the one" during the trunk show, as there are typically incentives to purchase the day of! Additionally, you likely won't have another opportunity to try that dress on since they are in shop for a limited time.

You'll also want to see if the trunk show features gowns you are interested in, and if the price point is something you are comfortable with.

Below are some tips to guide you in your search:

1. Research the trunk show you are interested in attending. Find out which collection will be there (Fall 2016? Spring 2015?) and what the price range is for these gowns to ensure you are prepared. If you see one or two gowns specifically you'd like to try on, please ask if they will be included when you call to make an appointment.

2. Make an appointment! To attend a trunk show at Blue Bridal Boutique of Austin, we require an appointment which you can make by calling 512-441-7700.

3. When attending a trunk show, have an open mind! Be willing to try on gowns your stylist pulls for you. All of our stylists are experienced with the gowns and you might be surprised with what you fall in love with.

4. Bring the people whose opinion you trust most. Our brides find it helpful to bring no more than 3 guests, as it can make the experience more confusing & stressful than it ought to be.

5. Come ready to make a decision! A trunk show should not be your first time trying on dresses.

6. Most importantly, smile! We strive to make every bride's experience enjoyable and productive - finding your dream dress is our dream!

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We look forward to styling you for your big day!

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